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If you find another local pharmacy who offers a lower price on a medication, we will match it or beat it.


We perform non-sterile compounding mixtures. We have performed compounding for children’s medications, pet medications…


We will fill your Prescriptions in less than 10 minutes! We respect your time and will never ask you to wait 1-2 hours to get your prescriptions…

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Ron’s Pharmacy Florida

Service is the difference!

Regardless of which pharmacy you visit, with insurance, the cost of medications are the same. All pharmacies buy from the same distributors , and all our inventories are similar; we all accept the same insurances. The wait time to get your medications may differ from pharmacy to pharmacy, and especially with big box retail pharmacies, it could take 1-2 hours. This wait time, of course, ensures that you will walk around their store and buy everything you don’t need that will inevitably end up in your next garage sale.

So why visit us?

Fast Fill Times

We realize that your time is important, and we’ll have your prescription filled and ready to go in less than 10 minutes! While few pharmacies can offer their services this fast, there’s far more to us than just fast fill times.

Personal Service

If you are buying groceries, you may not need a salesperson following you around the store advising you on what products to buy. However, when it comes to your health, you should not be treated like a number. Each individual is different and reacts differently to the various medications on the market.

Dangerous Drug Interactions are on the rise resulting in individuals becoming very sick, and in some cases, dying.

Your doctor can be the most important person when it comes to tending to your health. However, once you leave their office, your pharmacist becomes the most important person in tending to your health.

We’ll go the extra mile for your health!!!

We will work with your physician and insurance to find the most affordable and effective medication to help treat your condition. If your medication is not covered by your insurance company, we will contact the physician to see if there is an alternative medication that would be covered and be affordable to you.
If there is no alternative to the medication that you take, we will investigate for you to see if you qualify for an assistance program depending on the medication that you take and your health condition.
We take the time in consulting with our patients regarding their medication use. We also consult the patient on how to take their medication, the reason for using the medication, and the side effects and drug interactions that may occur from the medication. We will contact your physician if there are any questions or concerns you may have regarding your medication.

Medical Equipment

We provide medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and nebulizers. In addition, we carry medical supplies such as a bath bench, sitz bath, and compression stockings. We provide an extensive line of surgical supplies such as gloves, gauze pads, and iodoform packing strips. Also, we provide diabetic supplies such as testing strips, insulin, and glucose tablets and paste.


We deliver personally to the local areas and we also provide a courier service at no extra cost. Contact us to inform us when would be a most convenient time for you to deliver the medication.