Rons Pharmacy

Patient Says Comments

I had a kidney medication that cost about $500 on my insurance at another pharmacy. The staff at Ron’s Pharmacy was able to research and sign me up for an assistance program and as a result the cost of my medication is $0. Thank you so much. H.C.

I had a medication for my colon that cost $900 dollars. My insurance didn’t want to cover the medication. I had the staff at Ron’s Pharmacy contact my physician, get a medication that was comparable, and at the end of the day I only had to pay $10.00 each month. Ron not only cares about saving money, but he cares about the well-being of his patients. W.F.

I was introduced to Ron’s Pharmacy by an insurance agent. I have a medication that costs me $30.00 each month for fibromyalgia, but when I got into the coverage gap, the medication cost $150.00. Ron’s Pharmacy was able to work with my doctor and insurance and as a result, my copay is $0 and will be that rate for the entire year. Thank you for saving me money. P.L.

I am a long time customer at Ron’s Pharmacy and I had gone into the coverage gap and have to pay a large amount of money each month for my asthma medication. Ron’s Pharmacy was able to help me qualify for a program where I pay $0 for both of my asthma medications. They helped me save almost $400 a month for my asthma medications. They go above and beyond to help their patients. G.S.